South Hill Church

South Hill Church is a growing church that’s big on family!    

We are passionate about helping and equipping men and women, children and youth, to enjoy an intimate right relationship with God and a life of purpose, influence and significance in our location, town and beyond.

We are an ever-growing church and love to meet new people. Drop in to see us and you will receive a warm and friendly welcome!

  • Our Vision

    The Church we aim to be!

    *A place to belong where everyone is valued.

    * A place of exciting discovery and dynamic growth.

    * A place where everyone is encouraged through the compelling love of God to reach their true potential.

    * A place where the Bible is truly taught and its values upheld.

    * A place that is passionate about worship.

    * A place that experiences the joy and privilege of prayer and 
    understands its importance and value.

    * A place with a heart of compassion that engages and connects to our contemporary world.

  • What we believe

    The Bible uses a number of words or expressions to describe "Church" one of these is "Family".

    For a family to flourish it must:    

    • Share common values
    • Enjoy good relationships
    • Meet regularly 
    • Grow

    South Hill Church is big on family and families!

    Week to week we have a broad range of groups to get involved in including:

    • Family Care Groups 
    • Action Groups
    • Interest Groups
    • Prayer Groups 

    We encourage all who are part of South Hill Church to join one of our growing number of groups which meet regularly.

    The aim is to provide a network within the church to encourage everyone to engage with the vision, grow in personal faith, and support one another in living out our faith in an open and inclusive way.

Our Leadership & Team

South Hill has a big vision with a large team, covering different roles and responsibilities within the overall church as well as an ever-growing committed team of volunteers.

  • Brian Boggis
  • Robin Oakes
  • Anna Nicks
  • Brian Boggis

    Brian Boggis

    Brian, supported by his wife Dolly, is senior pastor and key leader. Brian and Dolly have four children and ten grandchildren. Brian embraces true gifting as a visionary pastor and teacher and is committed to build a strong team to bring hope and transformation.
  • Robin Oakes

    Robin Oakes

    Robin is chairman of the church’s charitable trust as well as a church trustee and key leader along with Brian. Robin has considerable experience both in business and in the church. He is married to Lorna; they have three children and eight grandchildren.
  • Anna Nicks

    Anna Nicks

    South Hill Church recognises children’s ministry as a key foundation of a healthy church.

    As Children’s Pastor, Anna Nicks leads South Hill Church's team of children’s workers. Anna has an amazing God-given gift to reach, teach and guide children to discover God as a loving Father. Anna has much experience working with children and families both in the Church and community. Anna is married and has two children.

Family Care Group leaders include:

Kath & Graeme McKerrell, Matt & Sophie Masters, Keith & Liz Hammond, Richard & Lorraine Hudson

Creche Team leader: Sophie Masters

Welcome Team leader: Richard Wilkes

Hospitality Team leader: Anne Shannon

Centre Charity Development Officer: Jeremy Keeley

Church Trustees: Claire Nicell, Robin Oakes, Mike Robinson, Richard Hudson, Gaby Henderson, John Sweetnam.

South Hill Campus

 Home to South Hill Church


Missions Overseas

At South Hill Church we are pleased to have a supportive relationship with many people who are serving in places throughout the world including; Nepal, Turkey, Senegal, South Africa, France